Earn money by just uploading status on whatsapp

Steps :-

1. Register an account on website named Unizone

2. There will be some ads available in the section. Choose any one of ads and upload it as your status.(Actually we are promoting some agency ads in our story,if we have more number of viewers the more we get paid)

3. After 23 hrs take a screenshot and upload it in the website as a proof to receive your payment.

4. Minimum withdrawal is only 15 ruppees (INR). After your first withdrawal the minimum withdrawal amount will be increased to 25 ruppes.Thus the process continues when we withdraw the next amount it will increase again.

5. You can also refer a friend to earn money. For one person you will receive 10 ruppees if they upload the first status and gain money automatically you will receive the money of referral.

Withdrawal Process :-

1. Make sure your withdrawal amount matches with your payment.

2. Withdrawal process will be happened in Razor Pay. Enter your bank account details or UPI ID to receive your payment.

3. Verify your OTP (One Time Password) from your Phone number and Gmail id. Confirm to claim your payment. You can see that you will receive your payment within 10 mintues.

Try this website and refer it to your friends so that you can gain money together!!

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