Earn Money by watching reels — Paisa Per Reels

Steps :-

1. Register an account using your mail id and phone number.

2. Log into your id and watch 2 videos daily. Earn from 3 to 5 ruppees for each videos.

3. When reaching 100 ruppees your VIP level can be upgraded using that earned money. This allows you to earn quickly by getting ruppees from 10 to 15, also your daily limit of 2 videos will be increased from 3 videos. This level can be upgraded upto level 10. I suggest not to invest any sources of money right now as we can gain more money together

4. Minimum withdrawal of amount is 150 ruppees and when withdrawing the money they will charge some gas amount of 10 to 20 ruppees. So I suggest everyone to withdraw your amount when it reaches minimum 200 ruppees.

5. You can also gain money by referring people and the person who got invited will get 50 ruppees when he/she creates an account in this site. You will gain money when the invited person watches their first reels and also when they reaches an amount of 100 ruppees.

Withdrawal Process:-

1. Go to account information and select bind bank account option.

2. Enter your bank account number, IFSC code and account holder name.

3. Click on withdraw options and Enter your amount (You can only withdraw the money you earned from the time 10 AM to 08 PM every day).

Good Luck and Earn like a family!!

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