Top 15 Online Earning Website

Top 15 Online Earning Online Money

In case you are looking for the right kind of resources to help you earn money online, and the top 15 online earning sites in India, then you stumbled upon the right page. We present to you the best online money-earning websites in India.

1. Youtube

People are making millions using YouTube. There are tons of YouTube channels on various topics. It can be thus inferred that is one of the best online earning sites options.

How much can you earn? It all depends on how much traffic you can attract.

Youtubers earning more than $100,000 rose by 40% and earning five figures rose by 50% in the past three years.

However, choosing a certain niche to base your content on is crucial if you want to be successful. Hence try and make such videos that your viewers would be interested in or that are relatable to the masses.

2. Google Adsense

It is one of the easiest ways to start earning online from home without any initial investment. What do you need? A blog page, website, or YouTube channel.

It is an advertising program, for which you can register for free.

How does Google Adsense work?

  • Select the type of ad you want to appear on your website,
  • Choose the placement of these ads,
  • Have the highest revenue-generating ad go live on your website,
  • Start generating a reasonable side income with the help of Google Adsense.

There is no upkeep or maintenance to get this thing going, which makes it a no-brainer if you have a website already.

How much can you get from this online earning site?

Google pays out 68% of their AdSense revenues, so for every $100 an advertiser pays, google pays $68 to its publishers. So, you can earn a decent amount of money depending on the traffic. However, it should be noted that your ultimate payment received is based on the traffic your site gets.

Your monthly paycheck may be more in one particular month as compared to others as you might have received a lot of website traffic that month.

3. Amazon

It is the most trusted online earning site, in-trend, and leading e-commerce website over the globe.

  • It has a huge variety of items a consumer can choose to buy, and a huge variety of options for sellers to sell.
  • To start selling on Amazon you just need to register for the seller account. Once registered you can upload your products and that’s all.
  • What all things Amazon takes care of for you:
  • Delivery and logistics part are taken care of by Amazon itself.
  • Trust is taken care of. If the product is present on Amazon, 88% of people say they are likely to buy it.

Additionally, you can make money through their affiliate program, which allows you to make a decent income by advertising or selling other products.

Because it is a very large e-commerce platform that millions of potential customers visit each month, the possibility that the product will be purchased is also high. Amazon is one of the most sought-after online earning sites.

4. Digital Market

Due to the increasing use of social media and other online options like blogs, YouTube, etc. digital marketing has increased rapidly over the past years.

Digital Market is an online earning site that provides a platform for buyers and sellers of services related to digital marketing. It also helps in eliminating the middlemen thus empowering buyers and sellers.

There are many services present on the platform to buy or sell online, like Affiliate, marketing, blog, content writing, etc. You can check out the services on the website.

5. Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing online earning site trusted and used by millions of users.

  • It is one of the most genuine online earning site options to start and earn a high-paying gig online for their skills.
  • One can even land a full-time job as this is one of the most trusted websites by managers.
  • The big-sized project with a high budget is present on the website so you can earn a significantly higher amount of money online.

It has around 5 million registered clients.

6. Shutterstock

It is one of the best stock photography websites to help monetize your photography skills.

  • Photographers can upload photos for free.
  • To go with this platform is quite easy and quite profitable over time.
  • Copyright to your creativity is retained.

For every download, your stock of photos gets, you receive a royalty, which increases your profits.

In case you do have the right skills, that would help monetize your photography, you can always check out the Shutterstock website which is one of the best earning websites to help you generate an online income.

7. Zerodha

As one of the most successful investors, Warren Buffet, once said-

“I made my first investment at age eleven. I was wasting my life up until then.”

Zerodha is an online platform to help invest in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, and more. It helps you multiply your existing money if you are knowledgeable about stocks.

Zerodha is India’s biggest stockbroker app. It provides stock trading at the lowest brokerage rate. Nearly 15% of all retail order trades in India are done using Zerodha.

Varsity by Zerodha is an open-book website or application for a smartphone to learn complete trading from beginning to advanced. This is a way in which people can earn millions.

However, one should be wary of the risks associated with stock trading. They are certainly volatile and only the ones knowledgeable about stocks and other investments should be dealing with the same.


Want to help others and monetize your experience and knowledge by becoming a consultant. But aren’t sure what steps to take next, you can set up a free account on After registering you can create your profile. Once your profile is set up, people will book a session with you.

Expertise in any area like blogging, content writing, even YouTubers can become consultants and earn a decent amount of money from this online earning site.

The following is what clarity offers:

  • A list of specialists in many fields
  • Messaging system for pre-sale conversations
  • Booking platform system for scheduling phone calls (15, 30, 60 minutes)
  • A phone number that both you and the expert call to make the initial contact and negotiate for payment

9. ThreadUp

It is a great platform for someone who buys lots of dresses. All the clothes which don’t fit you anymore or you don’t want to wear them anymore. What do you do with such clothes?

ThreadUp is an online resale platform dealing with used clothing items. You can filter results using the search option based on criteria like size, colour, and type of clothing.

You will receive thousands of results if you only type in “women’s clothing” and “sweater.” The search can be narrowed down to just show items matching a specific size, designer, condition, or price. It is a good, user-friendly platform making it a good option for an online earning site.

10. Udemy

It is a well-known online earning site that concentrates on online training and courses, and it is also one of the most thorough platforms in terms of course-related information. People can sign up to teach courses on Udemy, and they can utilize it to connect with students. It is a fantastic online training resource where you can sell and buy training and course-related materials.

Additionally, you can develop your own course materials and sell them for a good price. They also give you access to a number of tools that you can use to create the course materials. The following are some advantages of working with them: You will have freedom, work from home, earn a solid side income and be able to connect with students.

11. Meesho

You may register as a reseller with Meesho and start posting images of your items and catalogues on your Facebook page to share with your network.

It might make a good amount of money using Meesho, which has the fastest growth rate in the reselling industry. You can register as a reseller even if you don’t have a product to offer because whatever you deliver will be under your brand’s name. The more orders you receive, the more money you can make.
Meesho is hence of the best online earning website making it a very easy to use and genuine platform.

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12. Guru

Guru is a popular freelancer website having more than 3 million freelancers who are enrolled. Jobs in a variety of fields, including web development, writing, designing, translation, sales, and administration, are available. It is a trustworthy website because it has been around for more than 20 years, which by itself establishes its legitimacy.

Depending on your membership level, they charge a transaction fee ranging from 4.95 to 8.95 %. There is also a free version of Guru where you may sign up and apply for jobs without paying anything, but the limitation is that you can only place 10 bids every month.

It is advised to choose tier-based membership if you are committed to finding freelance bids. As a result, you would receive more bids, the commission rate would be lower, and you would also receive several premium features.

13. Broxer

More than 68 percent of the users on this website are from India, and the prices are shown in INR so you don’t have to convert them to see the current exchange rate. It offers a substantial selection in every subject, including writing and translation, digital marketing, programming, graphics and design, etc.

They also post job listings for positions in the marketing, writing, business, and lifestyle sectors. You can search for both online and offline, on-site freelancing employment on Boxer. You must send an email to the company with your direct contact information in order to apply for a position on this platform; the company’s email address is listed on the Boxer website.


As they have made earning money online incredibly straightforward and easy, this is one of the top money-making websites. It is a paid-to-click website where you may earn money by clicking on the ads and by sending traffic to their website. Both are quite basic.

You can make up to $0.02 for clicking and seeing adverts. You receive $0.50 for referrals when the suggested member makes $1 from viewing advertisements. The good news is that they accept payments through Pay Pal, Payza, and bank checks, and the website is trustworthy overall. ways and demand little work, and thus can be done by being anywhere.

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